rex ray’s collage

I first came to know this artist when I went to Adler Design store as a field trip. There was the collection book of his collages displayed on the table, and I fell in love with his works. The images evolve from simple to complicated works, which show how he integrates colors, shapes and texture in a right proportion. he uses a lot of organic shapes like not-perfect circles, leaf-shapes and curvy lines. The rounded shapes creates ambiguous figure-ground effect, which also helps colors come across each other nicely.  I think following his way of expression will really help in color studies in terms of considering color, shape, texture all together for one work.

I used this image(above) for my color trend book as an inspiration for my cool study. This blue green and round, plant-like shape captured my eyes and it really went well with the color scheme I took from the image taken in the forest.

I think, overall I like his simple works better because all the visual elements, such as color/shape/texture, stand out more strongly in simpler works.


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