pattern studies

Initial scribbles/doodles that I did before I actually got into making patterns.

Since my signature color is soft violet, which is also strongly related to light, I kept looking at curvy lines and shapes to come up with my patterns. But loose curves seemed to be  to be less fun to me. As well, when they were combined and made up a pattern, they looked more like free drawings, not patterns. So, I chose more geometric(?) shape, a perfect circle for one pattern study, and more obvious, stronger curves for the other pattern study.

Since a circle is a primary geometric shape, I tried to make a free-form pattern with circles not to make it look too organized, which would go against my theme color. I tried to convey dynamics and feeling of change here.

Second, I’ve come to create a somewhat geometric pattern by using curvy lines. when it was only lines, it looks less rigid, more free. But when I filled in the round parts with black, the overall look changed a lot. Hard edges of each shape stand out very strongly. I might need to come up with other motives to fill in not to avoid this kind of effect.


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