Pantone lecture

The biggest impression I got from Giovanni’s lecture, especially comparing with the one from Adler design, was that Pantone really tries to collect some sort of “objective” data which would lead them to a very scientifically and logically convincing color choices. It sounded quite different from the viewpoint of Adler design in terms of the resources they get inspiration or ideas from. The most memorable comment Ben made in Adler design was that they “inherently” know what will be the color for next season just by being engaged to that field for a long time and keep looking closely  at anything that interests them. I also got some idea of how I could give/reflect my own personality to a certain color, and apply it differently, i mean in my own way. But it didn’t seem to be quite easy to get a sense of that inherent understanding. However, coming back to Pantone’s way of color choice, it immediately made sense. They talk to people in every creative industry, and make their decision according to thing they get from the conversation.

Another point I got from the lecture was that color trend may not be something we actually “forecast” any more. As Giovanni mentioned in his lecture, if some of the leaders in color-related industry like Pantone decides to sell more Turquoise this year, many other product makers would follow the same direction to make well-fitting products with other products or environments. This was exactly the point where I thought working for Pantone might be one of the coolest jobs in the world. However, at the same time, I still want to see more color trends which are free from this kind of industrial controls.


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