pattern research

Right after the last color class, I went to paper presentation to find a right kind of printing paper for my color book. And there, I came across with tons of gift-wrapping papers! There were all kinds of patterns, textures, etc. it was such a shame that I didn’t bring my camera that day. So, I had to go for my last choice; the cellphone camera.

First, I haven’t really noticed before that there were that many patterns directly come from forms in nature like tree branches, leaves. Among the wrapping papers, floral patterns were the most common, things in trees the second, and also animal patterns. Colors used in those natural pattern usually went along with colors in nature.

Geometrical patterns, personally my least favorite, were relatively rare for wrapping papers. So I went searching online, and they seemed to be more commonly used in window frames, architectural decoration, or wallpapers. Also, I could come across many traditional patterns in Asia which have geometric features. I didn’t find any typical way of matching certain colors with the pattern, but one obvious rule I could find was that not so many colors are used in one pattern; actually it was mostly limited in one dominant color that makes the pattern and one background color. very clean/simple.

Lastly, freeform patterns. In addition to natural patterns, they were also common in wrapping papers. Typography, irregular arrangement of geometric shapes, abstract paintings, photographs, mixture of all these things. Anything was possible to make patterns and they tended to have very complicated look. Use of color also seemed to be the most complicated among others.


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