violet as a surrounding visual factor

After researching more about violet, I realized that this color expresses its beauty and symbolic meanings the most when subtly used as background or surroundings in my personal point of veiw. As an independent visual factor, pure violet(hue) has a deep, rich quality in it. However, when it’s applied to our daily environments, its essence, which is spiritual, calming,imaginative quality, doesn’t really communicate with us. The key is how to smoothly blend violet into given surroundings by adding tints/shades or transparency. This methology could be found in many interior design cases as a wall color, lighting and window covering textile. Once light violet is applied to a space, it certainly turns into a sophisticated, cultured but also comforting place.

On the other hand, pure violet can be found in decorative items like plates or vases, which are more like accents, not majorly contributing to violet’s signature atmosphere.


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