dawn by the lake

Dawn by the lake.

To me, violet has been not just a color that you see with your eyes. It’s more like a mood, smell, all those feelings that you receive from the given environments. For example, if I smell lavenders, that smell would remind me of warm, bright violet. It is not because the color of lavender flowers is violet, but because its sweet, calming scent goes along with the impression that we can get from color violet.

The air around the time when the sun is about to rise from the horizon,  lavender scent, a face reflecting moonlight, blurred photographs taken in the evening, horror films, ice-cold air in a winter morning, my grandfathers pale hands when he was suffering in the hospital. All these things are the ones that I would match violet with.

So, here is one of my violet stories. Almost 10 year ago, my band gigs and I went on a short trip to this small cottage by the lake. I used to be a singer, and there were 4 other friends who performed with me. At that moment, everyone of us had a plan to leave the town for a while. And we had no idea if we would be ever going to perform again together or not. It was sad as well as so insecure about what would happen next in our lives. After all-night-long conversation about that, the dawn came. I just stood up from the chair, and went outside to see the lake. And a magic was happening right there. The lake, covered with violet mist on the surface, just captured my eyes and I could not move. A few minutes later, the sun rose, and this unbelievable scene disappeared like a real magic. What a rare and fragile moment I witnessed.

It was so long time ago, and I am not even sure if I could ever match that color with any violets in color aid. But to me, it was definitely one incredible violet dawn by the lake.

Color aid V-p1-3 / Pantone 270c / C=30 M=27 Y=0 K=0 / R=176 G=177 B=217


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