A violet story

In my Design Procedures class, the given word to design my book was ‘mystery’. I chose tinted violet as a primary color. I took that color from some of the photos I took in the woods in Australia. The early morning when I took them was very foggy. The misty air surrounding trees and the light coming through it created somewhat whitish or light grayish violet – now I would say it was ‘tinted’ or ‘toned’. That moment felt very much mysterious, in a nice way, as if I was in a totally different time or space.
In my opinion, one of the reasons why superior beings like kings were dressed in violet was that it could give untouchable, somewhat unveiled quality which is far from the ordinary. From this history, violet came to have negative impression like being arrogant or flaunting one’s power – ironically that also relates to success in career nowadays.
According to my research about violet, it inspires us to experience or pursue our higher self spiritually, also perfection in life. Most people who I talked with about this color agreed that it is more likely related to mentality than physical things. In practice, violet is known to lead us to calm down, relax, focus and, especially for children, stimulate imagination. But this feature, on the other hand, could make some other mental/physical disorders worse, such as depression, confusion about reality, dizziness, etc.
There’s a saying in Korea that if one’s fascination about violet gets extreme, he/she is likely to go mental. In India, there is a theory that explains 7 centers of different kinds of energy in a human body, and the centers are called Chakra. The seventh is “CROWN”, which is a brain, and it is represented in violet. In many different cultures, people consider violet as a color closely related to our mental activities.

Violet is easily found in nature: flowers, fruit, sky early in the morning. Among them, violet in flowers tends to stand out the most because it is usually surrounded by its complementary color, green.

Most violets found in urban scenes are usually set by artificial lighting to create a certain atmosphere which is dreamy, mysterious, sometimes expensive/fashionable.


One thought on “A violet story

  1. bol says:

    (영어로 쓰려다 도저히 어려워서 한글로 전환)
    나 전에 무슨 잡지에서 그런 글귀 본적 있어. “보라는 냉정(파랑)과 열정(빨강)이 섞인 색이다” –> 정확하지는 않고, 대충 이런 의미였음. 근데 그 글귀를 보고 내 이름이 참 좋아졌어 ^^ 내 성격도 웬지 그런것 같아서. ㅋ

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