Analogous color scheme 1

This is a color chart of orange, yellow orange, yellow and complementary color, blue.

1. First example of this color scheme was found in a supermarket: Lemons for yellow, Oranges for yellow orange, and tomatoes for orange, which seems more like red because of the color setting of my camera and lighting. Also, the blue label sticker really pops out in the middle because it’s a complementary color.

2. Clothes coordination. The shirt for yellow(T2), scarf for yellow orange(S3), bag strap for orange, and jeans for blue(S2).

3.Bathroom stuff. A lotion bottle for yellow(T3) and blue point(S1), a conditioner label for orange, a yellow orange(p1-2) towel, a yellow orange(LT) puff and blue razor(T3)

4. A book for yellow orange, a coaster for orange(p2-1), a tangerine for orange and a coupon for blue and yellow.

5. Lastly, a sea shore. Colors of cliffs is different tint and shade of yellow and yellow orange. Color of sea is a certain tone of blue, ranging from s1 to p1-3.


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