Black and white, not interesting?

About a TV viewer’s comment I happen to hear last week, “watching black and white movies or TV programs is uncomfortable. maybe even boring.”

It keeps coming back to my mind. And yes, I can agree with it in a sense. Greyscale image could look quite flat when it is simply converted from colored image by an image-editting program. This is the point where the importance of  managing other quality of color besides hue – like value and chroma? – comes in.

Here’s a new ad campaign “Lady Dior” website of Dior in which they collaborated with band musicians. The images used in it are basically greyscale and red is applied to them in different ways. Overall, density of dark/lightness (contrast?) was beautifully managed and warmth/coldness of the light shows quite well, too. Especially images under the menu “THE MAKING-OF” are good ones. I think this campaign could be one of the good examples of how to make black and white image visually attractive.


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