Starting Colorworkshop..

I did have some art classes since when I went to kindergarten. But what I usually learned in them was to match right colors to the right objects, such as sky is blue, apples are red, etc. At that time, color was just the thing that naturally exists in the world. It didn’t really interest me back then.
However, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, for the first time in my life, I came up with a color that I didn’t like; pink. More specifically, pink clothes. At one point, I felt tired of being dressed in pink or any other warm – supposedly feminine – colors. There wasn’t any specific incident that led me to this taste, but for some reason, they didn’t seem to be cool or to fit myself. It still influences me, so my favorite colors are mostly around cold or neutral colors. Anyway, when I think about color, the first thing that made me really focus on color might be clothes and styling them. From that, I got interested in using color for effective expression and coming up with good color combination.

What I would love to get in this course is,
first, a thorough study of good color combination and how to use it in a real context. (I am really excited by the fact that we’re going to make our own color book)
Also, use of color in large scale like a whole room, or even larger space. regarding to this, I would also like to learn about technical issue or conditions that affects colors in space; such as different lighting or medium that carries color, etc.


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